Group Photoshoot – 2013 Women’s Expressions Calendar

Photoshoot – Behind the Scene

The group photo shoot logistics were presented to the calendar models a week before the big shoot. The shoot would take place in a bathroom setting. The models would be dressed in a towel and would carry a red accessory. A male model would be sitting in the bathtub with bubbles covering his body. Would he be naked? That was the question… Gill, our male model, couldn’t wait to be surrounded by the lovely calendar models. He profoundly expressed that he was a very lucky man and that he would do anything to contribute to a successful shoot. For him, this calendar had a purpose… to help women and children in need. What more could he ask for than to contribute to this charitable gift?

Gill’s personality was sure to make everyone feel comfortable in their towel attire, even though the models had not met him. Gill was selected as our male model for his spiritual insight. After visiting his Facebook page, we saw that Gill had initiated a mission in Africa to help underprivileged youth and that he was a kindergarten teacher. Additionally, we noticed that he was a member of the band and that they were in the process of creating an album. We had the chance to listen to their music and, may I say, they were very good! Gill puts on a good show and is very entertaining on stage. He was definitely the perfect guy for this shoot, no doubt about it. He had something special to offer.

There was only one week to go and we had a great deal of preparation to do. For that reason, the event coordinator took charge of everything and carried out all the necessary errands for the ‘Big Day’. As for the food, drinks, and equipment, we counted on Brian. It was a full day event and there were many tasks to be done behind the scenes.  Brian would be perfect for this job. Everyone loves him and he always makes sure everything has been taken care of so that we can concentrate on the technical aspect of the photo shoot for the Women’s Expressions calendar.

On the day of the shoot, we started at 5 a.m. with a cup of coffee. Some equipment was prepared in advanced and was ready to be transported on site, such as the hair products, the brushes, the hair straightener, the hair blower, the bobby pins, the make-up and the eye brushes, just to name a few. There were food containers and coolers for soft drinks, water and champagne (to celebrate the success of this shoot). Brian made last-minute errands and picked up cheese trays, meat, baguettes, cake and, we need not forget, two dozens of red roses, which were a crucial element of the shoot.  

Upon our arrival at the shoot location, which was at a friend’s house (Gilles), we unpacked everything. Just as the technical team were completing the set-up, the models started showing up right on schedule. As the ladies arrived, Amélie immediately started applying make-up on their lovely faces. Her perfectionism made these models true cover girls fit for a magazine. For 5 consecutive hours, Amélie completed her works of art. Even though she was having some back issues and was walking with a cane, Amélie kept on working. I call this dedication!

Meanwhile, our photographer, Marc, was trying to figure out the possible camera angles and the lighting.  He kept calculating and recalculating to figure out how we could fit 10 women in the bathroom and get a perfect shot. The technical team and the models helped Marc here and there… Marc was overwhelmed with all the shots that had to be taken that day. On top of it all, the models’ arrivals and the popular background music were making the house very noisy. Marc had to concentrate through all of this chaos.

Marc’s tasks were heavy:

  • Individual head shots of everyone, including the technical team members for the website
  • Group photos for the calendar cover
  • Last but not least, the bathroom shots for the month of December

  • View the Group photos for the calendar cover as follows:

    The bathroom shots were scheduled at the end of the day for the following reasons:

    1) Since the models were going to be posed very closely together, this would allow for an adaptation period. The models would have sufficient time to get acquainted and feel comfortable with each other and with the male model (Gill). It is important to note that everyone has their own private bubble and that this distance has been respected throughout the photo session. View Gill’s video expressing his comments about this photo shoot and observe his demonstration of his belly waving; a talent that he developed gracefully. 

    2) After having acquired some experience from the previous sessions, the models tend to become more at ease and relaxed in front of the camera. The models’ apprehension seems to slowly disappear and, at the end of the photo shoot, they become more comfortable and willing to pose. Their confidence seeps through and their real personality becomes more apparent. Most of the time, the last shots are the best.

    3) We wanted this group photo to be a special and memorable one, engraved forever in their minds and hearts. We wanted everyone to feel their best for the group photo shoot. With laughter being the common denominator of everyone’s experience of the group photo, we definitely kept the best for last!

    So, how did the entire day go? You must definitely view the video clips. We want you to be the judge of this marvelous event! We want your thoughts and comments. E-mail us at We can’t wait to read your truthful impressions of the group photo shoot. They will be posted on our website at

    If you want to be a model for our next calendar, send your picture, a brief description of yourself and your ideal setting for a photo shoot. Also mention the month you would like to represent.  Send your application by e-mail at Be our next calendar idol!

    View Group Photoshoot Prep – 2013 Women’s Expressions Calendar

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    Edited by Coreen B.

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