Group Photo Shoot – 2015 Women’s Expressions Calendar

Behind the Scene

The group photo shoot was planned but not rehearsed in advance due to scheduling conflicts. It is today’s reality that we all juggle our time between work, home and our children’s needs. Our models were no exception.



We communicated by e-mail to all, identifying the attires requested for the photo shoot.  We planned a group photo with a black dress or black pants and another one with a white or coloured shirt and black pants.  The shoot was taken in a boardroom at a golf course which allowed us more space for the prep of the models, as well as, the space for the shoot and head shots. The white back drop was taped to the wall and the black one provided ground colour.

Nadine and Mélodie were our make-up artists for the shoot.  Sandra  (model) was assigned to the curly hair design using her special MiraCurl iron apparatus.  Meanwhile, Stuart and Yves (photographers), were preparing the ‘Head Shot’ photo section along with the group photo shoot.

Videos were produced for all photo shoots so the audience can view and enjoy the unedited bloopers and all as if they were there with us in the room.

About the Group

As the models became acquainted with each other, there was a very good ambiance in the room developing.  Isahack certainly brought a spark to go the room making everyone laugh.  It was of no surprise that Isahack attracted us all with his radiant personality.  There was lots of laughter, group discussions, and jokes.  It was certainly a time of celebration – the joy of Being Alive and Being in the Moment.  All this for a good cause – to raise money for Interval House of Ottawa.

Rachel (Jo-Anne’s sister) traveled from Saskatoon to help us set the stage, posing for light measurement and providing assistance with the Head shots of the models.  She also was responsible for inflating the red balloons.  The balloons represented Valentine’s Day as this shoot was meant for February, the month of Venus and The Lovers.

The Photo Shoot

We started by performing the Head Shots of all the models after the make-up was applied.  We then continued on with the Group Photo – the classic black attire. Isahack stood out in his red shirt. We then proceeded with the group photo theme – The Gift.  What was the gift? Is it Isahack or the Box?  You choose.  Of course Isahack was the gift of the shoot – a charming person who always has a compliment under his sleeve.  We all know that women LOVE compliments – it makes us feel good, beautiful and attractive.  All through this photo shoot, the models were deciding the poses as they went.  There was no stopping us from conversing and laughing.

The next series of photos were based on the balloons.  Rachel prepared the balloons and gathered them on a big sheet.  On the count of three, she released them hoping that they would fall on the models.  We didn’t get the desired  ‘Wowwww’ that we had hoped for, but it got us busy bursting them afterwards.


Finally, we completed the session with a toast to Women’s Expressions and to these marvellous people who volunteered their day for the 2015 calendar.  I raised my glass to the Universe for this perfect day.

Since this is the last year for the calendar, I am writing about the models and the photo shoots so I can publish them on our web site in hope that we reach others who have dreams and want to reach for them.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your dream may be, you just want to contribute to something that makes your heart feel good, and your soul shine bright to acquire that inner peace.


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Article by Jo-Anne
Edited by Karen C.


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