To be on the path of GRATITUDE, let’s begin to open our heart and open our eyes to the wonderful day that you have awaken to and allow yourself to live it fully at this Present Moment!

I invite you to view this next video by Louie Schwartzberg.  It has reached more than 3 million people.  It will only take 10 minutes of your time. You will realize how we are all connected with one another and the environment. Just by ‘BEING YOU’, you play a part of it all. Gratitude is a starting point to seeing your world in a different perspective.

Your first step is to think of the things you are grateful for… such as your home, your family, your work, etc. Be grateful for the person you have become because of it all. When you open your eyes in the morning, start your day by being grateful to be alive and to wakened to a new day.  At night, take time to review your day and write down your good and bad moments and be grateful as they have led you to learn more about yourself.

Gratitude Book_125Pix Write the things you are grateful for every day. Do it right now! Buy yourself a nice book and name it your Gratitude Book. Get a fancy pen! Also, publish your gratitude sentence in Facebook.  You can make a difference in someone’s life by being an example of a person of gratitude.  You never know who you may touch and you may influence others to be grateful as well.

If your time is limited, then I suggest for each time that something wonderful happens and you have the feeling of warmth, stop whatever you were doing, take a deep breath, enjoy the moment and say ‘Thank You!’Take this moment as a gratitude moment.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

As you practice gratitude, you become more conscious about your contribution to everything around you and realize how it is beautifully orchestrated. Being grateful will not eliminate undesirable events or things from your daily life but you will respond instead of reacting.  Realize that reactions does not work when facing a situation that is in disagreement with you and learn that the storm will passed and everything will come back to normal; hence, being reactive doesn’t serve humanity.  The window that you are looking through will now begin to give you a new perspective and you will be able to create a life in harmony with it all.   When you understand this, you become happier, you laugh more at positive outcomes. You will begin to smile at negative situations and question yourself as to what you need to learn from it all.  You will redesign yourself and be the True Person you were meant to be in this space-time.  This is where you begin to reprogram yourself and learn to center yourself as situations come and go.  This is the start of your awakening to your own being; to your-self!

I Introduce You to ‘Self’! Congratulation!


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