Gill Mongeon – Women’s Expressions Calendar Model

We chose Gill for the group photo shoot not only for his Bon Jovi looks, but most importantly, for his spiritual insight. At 45 years of age, Gill is presently dedicating his time to helping children in need in Africa through the establishment of a charity. He is hoping that this charity will continue to grow and will make a difference in these children’s lives.

Gill is a kindergarten teacher and finds this profession truly fulfilling. He inspires his students as much as they inspire him. Gill is striving to add more spiritual meaning to his life. He has transitioned from an upscale lifestyle to a more modest one.

Gill is also a promising star as the lead singer of the band Symbios. The band is currently developing an album. We are proud of him and the band members. Go Symbios!

Gill was the chosen man for the group photoshoot because of his special ability to inspire children. Gill represents the equilibrium and complicity of male and female energies.

View the Group Photoshoot – ‘Behind the Making of the Calendar’.

View Gilles’ – “Hell-oh! Salut!”

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