How do I submit articles, videos and images?

You can submit your work by e-mail at stories@womensexpressions.com.

Who has ownership of the articles, videos and images/photos that are submitted?

Once information is submitted, Women’s Expressions gains ownership of all content posted on the website.

Information submitted must be appropriate for viewing. We reserve the right to include on our website or to disregard articles submitted.

All information received is reviewed by our editors and may be subject to change in order to ensure that the information is fit for a general audience.

How will I know if my work is displayed on the Women’s Expressions website?

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt once we have received your work. We will also send a confirmation e-mail when the story is displayed on the website.

If the story is not chosen, we will try to communicate with you as well. We will try to work with you in order to make your article fit for our website. To this effect, please ensure that the return e-mail address is suitable for future communication.

What are the submission guidelines for articles and media?

In order to maintain privacy, here are some recommendations:

      • Restrain yourself from using real names. Use nicknames, initials or fake names instead
      • Do not display any real birth dates
      • To minimize traceability, do not name specific venues where individuals can easily be identified

If you are submitting a story, it is recommended that you send an image or a photo to add substance to your story.

If you are sending a video, we recommend that you send the highest quality possible.

What types of articles are included in each category?

The current categories of stories displayed on the website are:

  • Happy/Funny – humoristic and uplifting anecdotes
  • Dramatic – difficult moments Scary – frightening or unexpected events
  • Spiritual/Life Lessons – life-changing experiences, revelations
  • About a Special Person – reminiscing a special someone, someone who touched you in some way
  • Other – miscellaneous, advice, comments

You may suggest the category in which to include your story or video at the time of submission. Upon revision, the editors may classify the articles in a different category if they deem it necessary.

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