Della (Roberts) Johnstone – Women’s Expressions Calendar Model

Della is 49 years old and an amazing mother of two. She is an independent consultant in Information Technology. She is also knowledgeable in other professional fields, such as real estate and finance. Della loves shopping; she has many wardrobes and possesses an extensive collection of shoes and jewellery. Della finds time to unwind from her busy schedule at the cottage, where she can be in touch with nature.

Della is a dynamic business consultant focused on business transformation with over twenty (20) years of experience with the implementation of Commercial Of-The-Shelf Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Financial/Business Systems) and Business Process Re-engineering.

  • I am a strong sensitive woman who believes that you can do anything you put your mind to; this is what my parents have always taught and instilled in their children, for this we thank you and love you.
  • I am a firm believer that the way women can empower themselves is through her appearance and energy which contributes to 93% non-verbal communication; a significant factor that is necessary in today’s business society.  For me, to dress professionally is essential; we can influence people just by the way one dresses and first impression very important.
  • I believe women have come a long way in the work place but it is still male dominant so we continue to strive for success by empowering ourselves.
  • Women have to surround themselves with other strong women; there is a strong professional women’s network here locally in the Ottawa Gatineau area.
  • I encourage all women to dream and to reach out to their women’s network “Women make Women stronger”.

View Della’s Photoshoot – ‘Behind the Making of the Calendar’.

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