Volunteers – 2013

Marc Dumontier – Photographer

I am a free-spirited man and live life to the fullest. For many years, my passion was photography, and I was once employed as a photographer. With Women’s Expressions, I rekindled my passion for photography. I absolutely love working with the Women’s Expressions team members and I hope to develop a long lasting career within the organization.

I savour every moment of a photo shoot and I get emotionally-involved, especially when I feel a great shot was taken. I am very expressive and I easily communicate my emotions. When I review the shots, my eyes light up, I have a huge smile and I sometimes bust out my dance move.

As a photographer, my role is also to work with Amélie to ensure the photographs have meaning. My duty is to make the models feel at ease in front of the camera and to capture their natural essence. With Nadine’s coaching and Ginette’s appeasing sense of humour, the photo shoot becomes a great experience for the models.

In most cases, a photo shoot lasts between 2 and 4 hours and demands considerable patience on everyone’s part. I especially admire the models’ ability to maintain constant composure during the shoot, even with our incessant demands to reposition.

How the Women’s Expressions team qualifies Marc: convivial, easygoing, perfectionist, creative.

Michel Lemieux – Freelance Photographer

I recently developed a passion for photography and have enrolled in a few courses to help me perfect my skills. I am a retired firefighter, and have become the designated photographer for the firefighters of my community. I also participate in their fundraising events for children and families in need.

As a firefighter, I devoted much of my time in educating the population about fire safety. I hosted group discussions in many schools during the Fire Prevention week. I am currently retired, but I am still pursuing the educational aspect of my career. I have the chance to help my community better understand fire hazards and preventive measures.

I am very pleased to have contributed to the Women’s Expressions calendar.

Richard Jolin – Freelance Photographer

Photography is my part-time hobby and I have been active in this line of work for many years. Most of my work has been dedicated to helping models develop their portfolio in pursuit of their dream career.

My other passion is traveling. I had the opportunity to visit many countries of which I have kept many wonderful memories engraved in my mind and, of course, on film. Through my camera’s lens, I discover a new world.

I am very happy to have contributed to the Women’s Expressions calendar and I am looking forward to working with the team in the near future.

Dave Hunt – Video Producer and Freelance Photographer

Though I am very busy with my family and my full-time job, I always find the time for my hobby as a video producer. Being a member of a snowmobile club, I am involved in the production of videos displaying a few snowmobiles races in my community.

I also enjoy photography. I revel when I manage to take a picture out of the ordinary, or when I portray a whole new meaning by taking pictures from a different angle.

Working with Women’s Expressions is truly fulfilling and I am proud to have contributed to the realization of the calendar.

Amélie Deschênes – Artistic Designer and Make-up Artist

I must admit that I am very girly. I enjoy flaunting my pink umbrella with frills and the nice jewellery I purchase internationally. I am mostly fond of make-up, as I have tried almost every existing brand.

I love to change my look on a regular basis. For instance, I sometimes change my hair colour in the span of a week. During my teen years, I took pleasure in applying make-up to my girlfriends before going out for the evening. I can find beauty in everyone and with a gentle touch of make-up here and there, I manage to accentuate natural beauty.

Women’s Expressions has given me the opportunity to meet great people and to apply my artistic talent on a broader clientele. As a make-up artist, what I find most rewarding is the models’ appreciation of my work once I have completed the make-up application. They feel good about themselves and rejuvenated. What a good feeling!

I am also involved in the artistic design of the photo shoot sets. I meet with the models prior to the photo shoots to discuss the artistic layout of the set in accordance with a given theme. The set is very important, as it complements the models’ desired portrayal of themselves.

Women’s Expressions has brought excitement in my life, seeing that it has given me the opportunity for creative work.
How the Women’s Expressions team qualifies Amélie: tender, loving, caring, creative, artistic, thirsty for change.

Ginette Peterson – Technical Assistance and Operations

I have undertaken many tasks with Women’s Expressions, namely assisting the photographer in setting up the photo shoot stage and lighting, motivating the models, helping people connect, and providing operational assistance. I believe I can fulfill any role required to achieve what is necessary for the success of Women’s Expressions. With my business expertise, I envision a career in operations within the Women’s Expressions enterprise.

My involvement with the team began when Jo-Anne, my neighbor and founder of Women’s Expressions, mentioned her plan to create a calendar. She discussed the need for resources, such as a make-up artist and a photographer. I immediately made some phone calls and scheduled a meeting with potential candidates. They were recruited and are now part of the Women’s Expressions team. As the photo shoots were evolving, I somehow got pulled in the project and became part of the technical team. I am proud to be part of the Women’s Expressions team and am touched by the friendships I have developed over time with my colleagues.

With Women’s Expressions, I can be myself. I love joking and I can see this has a positive influence on the models. My sense of humour helps the models release stress and allows them to feel comfortable in front of the camera. My role with the organization allows me to network with a multitude of people and enlarge my pool of acquaintances and friends.

How the Women’s Expressions team qualifies Ginette: funny, vivacious, motherly, down to earth.

Robert Kennedy – Photoshop Expert

I operate a business that offers photo restoration and photo manipulation. We also develop custom slide shows and posters. I enjoy the art of highlighting an individual’s best features and constructing images in keeping with a given theme. For more information on the services I offer and for examples of my work, I invite you to visit my website at www.foto-dog.com.

The models’ pictures on the Women’s Expressions website home page are examples of my work. I thank Jo-Anne for giving me this opportunity and I am eager to complete similar projects in the future.