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In Memory of my Great Grandparents (Part 3)

I was lucky to have known my great-grandmother. Once a nun, she had to leave the convent because of illness.  She married and raised a family and lived a normal life with both ups and downs.  Other than the gambling addiction of her husband, she always kept her feelings to...
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In Memory of my Great-Grandparents (Part 2)

Every time I drive down Mackay Street in Ottawa I think of my great-grandfather. He was a blacksmith by trade and I am proud to say that he helped build the fence at the Governor’s General-a real achievement. However, my great-grandfather had a dark side. He gambled playing cards. In...
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In Memory of my Great-Grandparents (Part 1)

It’s Halloween. The children dressed in costume are passing through our neighbourhood going door to door. “Trick or treat” they sing as the door swings open. A night for ghosts and goblins – and scary feelings. This festive night has put me in the mood to write a story about...
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