Career Disappointment (Part 3) – A Fork in the Road

At 21, I was up there at University with a job and enrolled in the Master’s program in Health Sciences. I was proudly working with the different professors in my faculty assisting in their research, was responsible for the set-up of the laboratories of the undergraduate program, etc. I had...
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A Wish to be a Grandmother!

Coreen, now 49 years old, was approaching the big 5-0 and was not yet a grandmother … far from it, actually. Most of her friends were grandmothers and she envied the storied they told about their grandchildren.  Her two daughters were old enough to start a family, but there was...
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Time Heals all Wounds

I am the youngest of five children. Life has given me a wonderful life partner who I married a long time ago and with whom I have given birth to two beautiful and healthy girls. From my perspective, life is extraordinary. I strongly cherish my family, my friends, and above...
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