Science of Spirituality

The Universe and the Metaphysics of Light

The start of time for our universe has been estimated at 13.8 billion years ago. How it started has been speculated about in a variety of theories and conjectures but the question is still not settled. The leading contender has been the Big Bang theory but I’m quite happy to...
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Gems on the Ground – “Space-Time is Doomed”

”Space-Time is Doomed” Not just anyone could make such an outrageous statement as “Space-Time is Doomed” and actually provide a supporting argument. The point I want to make today, as quoted from Professor Nima Arkani-Hamed, physics is not at a “garden variety” point in its evolution. My previous article gave...
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Gems on the Ground – What is real?

What is real? It’s a simple three word question. What is real? Welcome to my treasure hunt. This will not be an extensive or exhaustive search of all possible opinions on what is real but only for ones that have grounding in the sciences, and that I can get my...
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