About The Models

As a first calendar, I wanted to bring out the beauty of a woman regardless of age; the average age of these models is 44.5 years old. They are exceptional women who have overcome hardships and are now living a successful life. We want to inspire you to become whatever you want to be. If these women succeeded, you can as well! Here, we present you the Women’s Expressions calendar models in their true essence! Jo-Anne

Nicole Saumure – Women’s Expressions Calendar Model

Nicole is 51 years old and is a lively person who enjoys company. She is very generous and sensitive. Nicole likes spending time outside where she finds peacefulness and where life seems to be at a standstill. To keep in good shape, she practices the following physical activities: spinning, strength...
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Martine Laverdière – Women’s Expressions Calendar Model

Martine is 45 years old. For the past five years, Martine has dedicated her time to university studies and has recently obtained a master’s degree in Business Administration. Martine’s friends think of her as a courageous and determined woman. Martine has recently embarked upon a second career in commercial banking....
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