Career Disappointment (Part 2) – Help Along the Way

Still dedicated to becoming a doctor, I completed my undergraduate degree in 3 years in the Kinesiology program. It is the best way to get into the Medical Program once you complete a Master’s degree in Pure Science or Health Science. During my first year of university, I opted to live with my parents as my mother was paying for my education and I was not working at the time. Thank God because my schedule was insanely busy! I had 40 credits assigned to my first year university, which translates to a busy schedule during the week days with one three hour night course per and labs on Friday till noon which allowed me to rest before heading to the hospital for my weekend job.

I often look back at the different teachers and professors I had. That first year, I was very taken with one particular professor. He was extremely knowledgeable and dynamic in his teaching; and most surprisingly, he would never carry any books! He had it all in his head; pretty impressive! He communicated in a way that captured every student’s attention. With a little bit of this and a joke here and there, time flew by as we were absorbed in learning and note taking. I remember being challenged by the advanced terminology, spelling the words according to sound. We’ve all somehow lived something special at school with a particular professor. Don’t you agree?

I also remember one teacher in high school in grade nine that I really liked. I excelled in his chemistry class as one of the top students. I was always exempted from the quiz because of my high marks. I had his attention and it felt good! My desk was located in front of his desk and, admittedly, was even touching his. Sometimes, he would even sit with me during lunch hour and eat his orange… I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Imagine my surprise and pleasure to discover that he was to be my biology professor in grade eleven as well!

In college, I would hang out with my chemistry teachers. They were young and one especially was also very athletic looking and very friendly with the beautiful female students. I also remember a teacher in math where we would do the initial work on the math modules which allowed us to assist him in his teaching. At the time, the ministry of education was trying a new approach in the teaching methodology which allowed the student to progress at their own pace and those that were more advanced could take on some of the teaching. As I look back, I realize that my life was centered on educated people that I looked up to, like my professors and my fellow students. I would hang out during the day with the most intellectual people and this kept me stimulated and focused on my goal.

In my second year of University, I left home to stay with my boyfriend and had to continue working at the Hospital and take as many shifts as I could. Once my boyfriend completed university, he got a job in a particular field where Chemistry was a pre-requisite to his work. Meanwhile, I continued studying and got into the Master’s program. I even got hired at the University in my department while I pursued my studies. Working at the University allowed me to access free education – yes my tuition fees were waived! I was only 21 years old and was well on my way to a promising career.
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Story by Joanne
Edited by Lee-Anne C.

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