About the Calendar

The Women’s Expressions 2013 calendar is our first of many with the intention to continue it’s production over the years. The calendar represents women ages 35 + years old. This calendar represents the true essence of woman in all her definition. Beauty resides within and can mostly be felt by the energy she emanates. The photos in the calendar capture the energy that comes from self-actualized women striving to achieve their highest self.

These women appearing in the calendar had dreams and made them reality. You will find their empowered stories on the Women’s Expressions web site. These women are factual example of the saying: ‘If we did it, you can certainly do it; you only have to believe in yourself and know that you can do it’. It’s all about your belief system.

In the calendar, eleven (11) months are represented with photos of wonderful women and one month represents the group photo featuring a man in the centerfold among the calendar women. This man represents the equilibrium and complicity of male and female energies. The man is chosen for his special ability to inspire others in his own way.

The calendar is also for a good cause; to help subsidize programs aiming to help women and children. Women’s Expressions will be sharing these profits to one and/or more organizations and programs.

Many people contributed to the making of the calendar. These people believe in Women’s Expressions and together, our effort helps us realize our objectives. They reveal that the experience is all worthwhile and that the feeling of giving is and remains very gratifying.

You as well, contribute to the good of humanity by purchasing the ‘Women’s Expressions’ calendar. You can make a difference in other women’s life. It only takes one to start the momentum and together we can make a difference. It all starts with you.

From the calendar team, we are thrilled that you will be using our calendar to record your special upcoming events and appointments and mostly to signify the birthdays of your friends and loved ones.

Women’s Expressions thank you for being part of our journey
to a life of fulfillment and wellness.


Where can you purchase the calendar?

You can purchase our calendar through the Women’s Expressions web site – www.womensexpressions.com via the on-line store.

The calendar will also be available for purchase at special events. These events will be announced on the web site under Calendar Events. You can also follow us in Facebook and Twitter.

Who wants to be the next calendar women?

You can participate in a draw by e-mailing us or by presenting yourself at any events that Women’s Expressions attends. To submit your nomination for a calendar women or nominate someone you know, you can e-mail us at calendar@womensexpressions.com.

Please indicate the name of the nominee (your name or another person’s name), e-mail address, phone number, a photo, the proposed month and the theme. We also want to know the reason for the nomination; a paragraph about you or the person and a brief story would be appreciated.

The candidate must be 35 years and older to be eligible to participate.

All nominations will be posted on the Women’s Expressions web site.

The winner will also be posted on the Women’s Expressions web site.

Who wants to be the next calendar man?

We invite you to suggest a special man that you know that could be a potential candidate for the next calendar man. Please submit his nomination by e-mailing us at calendar@womensexpressions.com and provide a description on how this person has inspired others.

Please indicate your name, your e-mail address and phone number (for reference purposes) as well as the candidate name, e-mail address, phone number and photo.
The candidate must be 35 years and older to be eligible to participate.

All nominations will be posted on the Women’s Expressions web site.

The winner will be posted on the Women’s Expressions web site.

About the Sponsors

The sponsor’s objective is to finance the projects and the events carried out by Women’s Expressions whereby the calendar is one example of our contribution to a good cause. By joining force, we are making a difference in people’s life in becoming their own truth.

Sponsors have the opportunity to submit stories about the company’s as well as about employees’ inspirational journey. Follow them in the Women’s Expressions web site. They are invited to promote any activities that support other organizations and programs in light of the good of all. These stories may touch all of us in many different ways. May these stories appeal to you as our hope is to reach out to all!

It’s all about people and for people!

About the Donation

All donations given by Women’s Expressions will be made public in the Women’s Expressions web site. Read all about it in Facebook and Twitter. We want to cease these special moments. We want to make you part of it as we all contributed to the cause by purchasing a calendar or by making a contribution (sponsorship, voluntary work, etc.) to realize the events and activities that Women’s Expressions have organized. We encourage you to read these articles as they describe these phenomenal occasions.

The receiving organizations and programs will also be announced in the web site. Please follow our stories as we collectively give generously to these special women and children in need.
We hope that we succeeded in encouraging these women who need a jump start to living the life they deserve and bring them to their fullest potential. We want them to believe that they are worth it and that they can succeed.

How can you follow Women’s Expressions Calendar Events and Stories?

You can follow us through:

  • Women’s Expressions web site
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

You can also write your comments, opinions on our web site and through Facebook and Twitter.

You can submit your true stories and reach out to others by e-mailing us at stories@womensexpressions.com. We are all interested in hearing your vibrant stories. The feeling of giving may not necessarily be monetary but giving time and affection to someone in need or to an organization that reaches you is very empowering. Refer to the Q&A’s section in the ‘About’ tab for guidance on how to submit a story.

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