Women’s Expressions
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Women’s Expressions Team

Jo-Anne Landriault – Founder

In December 2010, I have had an inspiration about a calendar representing the beauty of women, that is, the beauty in them independently of age. So I thought: What about creating a calendar showing the beauty of today’s women with the age of 35 years old and older? I truly believe that everyone is special and unique and that the beauty resides within and can mostly be felt by the energy that one emanates. The goal is to capture in the photo the energy glowing as one self-actualizes and goes on through life to achieve their highest self.

As time went by, the idea in my head came more and more evident. I decided to action things little by little and now my idea has become reality. A year and a half later, I am working with more than 30 volunteers who put their time and soul in this project hoping one day that they could build a career with Women’s Expressions.

There is still allot to accomplish beside the calendar and the web site but now I know that there is nothing that will stop me from achieving my goal and this goes as well for some of these people who desire to pursue this initiative with me. I want to found a solid foundation so we can build upon it and achieve success all over the world. I am also visualizing a reality show, a paper magazine, a line of clothing, accessories and a perfume. I cannot achieve it alone but together we can make it happen.

Women’s Expressions has become a movement. It represents the women as they are today as she learns from other people and lives the life events day after day. It is about expressing her life as she perceives it.

My desire is to enlighten everyone that follows the Women’s Expressions movement.

Let us begin!