A Short-Lived Love Story

At 15 years old, I decided that I would follow my mother’s footsteps and become a hairdresser. I was very young and clueless, and my mother wanted me to change my career goals. She didn’t want me to work with her for many reasons. Luckily, I was hired at a reputable salon by a well-known hair stylist named Stephen. Little did I know this individual would become my mentor and one of the greatest loves of my life…

What I call our “love story” began on my first day working at the salon. At the time, Stephen thought I was 19 and immediately began my training as a hairdresser. Running on adrenaline, I was not able to eat, but my experience was pleasant so far. I was preparing a client for highlights when I started seeing spots… Oh no! My head was spinning and then everything went black. I woke up to Stephen holding me in his arms… He told me that I had fainted and that he had run to my rescue just in time to catch me before my head hit the floor. This was a determining moment in our relationship, for he later told me that he fell in love with me at that precise moment.

After this incident, we became very close. It’s important for me to mention that he was considerably older than me. For this reason, our relationship was strictly amicable, although it often felt like we were a couple. Stephen and I developed an intense friendship and we became profoundly involved in each other’s lives. Driving me to Montreal on week-ends to allow me to complete hairdresser courses, he was definitely contributing to the development of my career. Stephen was a generous man…

I remember one moment in particular when he made me feel on top of the world. The salon had organized a formal dinner party and we all had to dress the part. With the long evening gowns, the up-dos, the elaborate feast, this evening was turning out even more magical than I had hoped. It seemed like I was surrounded by celebrities! My favourite moment was when we sat down for dinner. Stephen sat beside me and took hold of my hand. He held it throughout the dinner! Momentarily, I believed we were husband and wife. Being 16 at the time, this moment made me feel like royalty! When I arrived home that night, I immediately ran to my mother’s room, woke her up, and told her about my wonderful evening. “I was a princess!” I kept repeating.

Through my relationship with Stephen, I was able to experience many things at a young age. In a way, he kept me on the right path. Stephen allowed me to advance in my career and has made me the woman I am today. Unfortunately, our time together was cut short due to illness. Stephen passed away only three years after we met. I wrote this article in memory of a wonderful person. I will always love Stephen and I can still feel his presence when I am in need of direction…

Do you wish to commemorate a special person who helped you in some way? Has someone mentored you at some point in your life? What are your best memories with this person? Feel free to share with us your thoughts and sentiments regarding the people you love.

Story by Sandrine
Edited by Zoé G.

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